What’s New? Tracks, Vehicles and More

As we race through our roadmap and approach the games beta launch at mach speed, we’re finally here with another adrenaline-fueled Block Riders development update. The last couple of updates have revolved around the projects direction, it’s achievements in the past and our goals for the future, we’ve covered team changes and even marketing strategies — but we’re […]

Patch notes 0.1.8

This patch brought a slew of fixes and game updates. We’ve implemented a couple of quick changes, mostly affecting player QoL, a physics tune up and some vehicle speed issues. Updated 14/02/2023Some quick fixed were applied, mostly UI.0.1.8b fixesIn-race UI not showing camera/position reset buttons fixed.Fixed version number dynamically in main menu.Fixed button coloring throughout […]

Introducing Block Riders, an open-world NFT racing experience.

Today it humbles me to introduce a game project we’ve been working on for over four months, to the wider public. Block Riders™ is a high-octane multiplayer NFT game that combines the wacky motorsport shenanigans of popular arcade racing games with the player customization and open-world scale of modern sandbox simulators. Built atop the Ethereum blockchain, […]