What a Year: 2022 BlockRiders Recap

Patch notes 0.1.8

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Patch notes 0.1.8

This patch brought a slew of fixes and game updates.

We’ve implemented a couple of quick changes, mostly affecting player QoL, a physics tune up and some vehicle speed issues.

Updated 14/02/2023
Some quick fixed were applied, mostly UI.
0.1.8b fixes
In-race UI not showing camera/position reset buttons fixed.
Fixed version number dynamically in main menu.
Fixed button coloring throughout in-race UI.
Added Return button to the Alpha Island
Reinstated generative lighting in Alpha Island, should fix lighting issues at perfromance cost.
Fully revamped settings menu UI.

  1. The dark screen is fixed (baked lighting manually).
  2. Gravity reduced to -29.6 from -19.6
  3. Steering sensitivity was fixed by reducing deadzones from 0.001 to 0.09
  4. Missing race/lap info during race fixed.
  5. UI bug (Crushed)
  6. Made AI faster overall, across both tracks.
  7. How-to screen added
  8. In-race UI fixed
  9. Changed “Island” to “Test Island” and added Shiba Crossback with new physics test.
  10. End of race screen has been revamped the structure has been fixed.

Track Fixes

Bara Bara:

  1. Added arrows and boundaries to track.
  2. Fixed a sand issue where car dissapeared.
  3. Fixed issue where AI became stuck behind a broken car.

Flint Pass:

  1. Fixed several tree colliders and increased the draw distance at Basic WebGL level.

Vehicle Updates

  1. Lambeast
    ⁃ Heavier
  2. Crossback
    ⁃ Heavier
  3. Miami
    ⁃ Lighter
  4. Nashville
    ⁃ More power
    ⁃ Gear ratio cutoff from 2.4 to 4.0
    ⁃ Gear change sound tightened
  5. Skyrider
    ⁃ Heavier
    ⁃ Motor speed torque changed (faster accel)
    ⁃ Smoother gear ratio
    ⁃ Steer angle +8
  6. Sledge
    ⁃ More engine power
    ⁃ Steering angle +4
    ⁃ Rpm cutoff from 8600 to 6600
    ⁃ Max rpm from 9000 to 7007
  7. Torretto
    ⁃ Changed engine torque curve to favor stable speed over rapid acceleration (the heat increased engine power)