chaos, crashes & cash.

Life as a young hustler fresh out of Block Heights Penitentiary isn’t gonna be easy. With nothing but the clothes on your back and your Uncles old cab, you’ve gotta get your name back – dominate the streets, crush your enemies and earn real crypto rewards.

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#1 the game

Take part in an action-packed race to dominate Blockston’s illegal street racing scene as a young hustler fresh out of Block Heights Penitentiary.

Drift, cruise and smash your way past rival racers, building your rep as you blaze through the ranks of the local underground, unlocking exclusive NFT upgrades and earning massive cryptocurrency rewards.

Explore & dominate

Explore a corrupt and lawless open world, complete missions and take part in various side activities like drift racing, and street races to build up your rep.

Customise & upgrade

Customise, tune and upgrade your vehicles with a wide range of (fully tradeable) parts and modifications which can be earned, bought or looted around the world.

factions & crews

Hone your skills on the track and the streets as you build favor with different factions and crews, unlocking exclusive rewards and perks as you progress.

compete & earn

Put your skills to the test in realtime multiplayer races and compete in seasonal online leaderboards to earn crypto currency and NFT prizes.

#2 stack your $blocks

Use the $Blocks token to buy new vehicles and customize, upgrade and tune them. $Blocks tokens can be staked to earn a sustainable variable APR, they can be freely traded on Uniswap, they are used to purchase Mystery Boxes from The Garage, and will be the basis for future play-to-earn integrations and partner content.

Use $Blocks at the Garage to buy new vehicles, wraps and upgrade kits.

Ecosystem & Events

Holding $Blocks grants you access to exclusive areas, vehicles, wraps and perks.

Yield & Interest

Earn a compounding share of the games revenue in USDC when you stake your $Blocks.

#3 own your ride

There are 8 founder’s vehicles available to early supporters, featuring 71 different wraps, with 4 different qualities and varying rarities. Keep your eye out for the legendary wraps to support your favorite crypto projects!

#4 the community

Stay in-the-know with the latest updates, sneak peeks and exclusive inside-looks at how we’re building an open world mobile racing game on Ethereum.

Game Updates
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I’ll edit/fix the dev footage w/voiceover tonight, I’ve got to go pack some boxes for now. (moving house tomorrow).